PSA: DOL Needs Workers’ Overtime Stories For Arlington, TX Listening Session

Sign Up by June 12, 2014 if you are near Arlington, Texas

The U.S. Department of Labor is developing proposed changes to its federal overtime regulations on the “white-collar” rules, and is holding a series of regional “listening sessions” to hear from affected workers, their advocates, and employers. We are helping the DOL identify workers and their advocates to participate in the department’s Overtime Worker Roundtable with Wage and Hour Administrator David Weil. We need NELA members and other employee rights advocates to tell their stories to counter some of the “job killer” misinformation that is being repeated by the opponents to changing the rules.
Below is a description of the profile of workers DOL is seeking for the next scheduled Roundtable on Thursday, June 19th in Arlington, TX:

1) hourly employees receiving overtime pay when they work more than 40 hours in a work-week who can speak to the importance of receiving premium pay; or

2) salaried employees earning at least $ 23,660 annually ($455 a week) but not receiving overtime when they work more than 40 hours in a work week because of their classification as an administrative, executive or professional employee.
This could be an exciting opportunity for workers and advocates to participate in video testimonials in addition to speaking about their experiences to outside press outlets if desired. The DOL plans to document the stories shared and will spread the word in DOL social media, remarks by Departmental leadership, and other DOL venues.

DOL needs to hear from potential workers by next Thursday, June 12th.  

 Please contact Joe McNearny (  202.693.1255.

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