Seasoned, respected civil trial lawyers who represent individuals and businesses in employment and business disputes. We believe that when you hire a lawyer, the lawyer should help you get from point A to point B in the most efficient way possible. Lawyers should give guidance and legal representation that focuses on solving their client’s problems instead of lining their own pockets. Empathy, civility, and competency are our core values. Texas practice with a nationwide reach.

A highly rated employment lawyer with many years of trial experience.

“Trang Tran is one of the top-rated Employment & Labor attorneys in Houston, Tx.” – -Super Lawyers Attorney rating

“Mr. Tran helped me with my employment case and helped me close a painful chapter in my life” – – Melanie former client

“Trang is a very skilled lawyer and represented my company very well” – – Richard former client

“Mr. Tran quickly got to the bottom of things and solved an employment problem for my company” – – Michael former client.


With over 20 years of employment law experience, we have the insight to efficiently get to the heart of a case and identify the best legal strategies to accomplish our client’s goals. Our trial and court techniques are both art and science.

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Understand your experience

We believe that lawyers should spend more time listening than talking. We listen to our clients, our juries, and even the lawyers and people on the opposing parties.  Taking the time to truly understand the case before we act and making necessary adjustments along the way is a pillar of our successes.

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We maintain a small docket so that we are available and are responsive to our clients’ needs and concerns.

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Employment Law

We have the knowledge, skills, and chops to handle everything from a wrongful termination lawsuit or severance package review to complex, multi-state employment cases. We know you value time and getting good results. You don’t need to make a federal case out of everything. We will use a customized approach for your case to bring about a quick resolution before resorting to litigation,

Business Litigation

We have developed a reputation as tenacious and efficient trial lawyers. We handle high-stakes commercial disputes in arbitration, state and federal court across the country. What makes us different is that we take a no-nonsense approach to evaluate your case and your needs. We never lose sight of the fact that we are here to help you achieve your goals in court.

Hire the right lawyer

Hiring a lawyer can be the most important decision you make in your life or your career. Take the first step by contacting us.

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