The Tran Law Firm provides Texas property tax consultation services.  Along with their property appraisal experts, they will review your property valuation history, your property, and help you reduce your property tax, maintain your property tax at their present value, or prevent your appreciating property tax from increasing too much.

Appeal Evaluation

The Texas property tax consultants at the Tran Law Firm will make sure that your commercial property valuation is prepared by qualified appraisers.  The appraisal experts will work closely with you to evaluate the assessed value of your commercial property. By working with the Tran Law Firm, you will not waste time if an appeal is not appropriate or necessary.  If you decide to  appeal the taxable value of your property, the firm will work with you to set a target value.

Appeal Services

Texas property tax consultants at the Tran Law Firm files tax protest on behalf of property owners that face an unfair increase in property valuation.  All property owners should be taxed at the same rate.  To assure that all property owners are treated equally, the firm files Texas property tax appeals in court. Texas property specialist will take care of all the details in preparing and filing your appeal documents, all necessary case preparations, and represent you before any informal or formal administrative panels or boards.  The Texas property tax attorneys at the Tran Law Firm are very competent in handling property tax at the judicial appeal level.  The Texas property tax attorneys at the Tran Law Firm excel at the civil litigation when the Texas commercial property owners go to court to make sure that they do not pay more than they should in property taxes.

Below is a summary of our Texas property tax appeals services:

  1. File a Protest
    In most cases, the deadline to protest is May 31st of every year. In the case that May 31st is a weekend or holiday, the deadline is extended to the next business day.  The Texas property tax attorneys at the Tran Law Firm will assist you or guide you through the steps of filing a timely Texas tax protest.
  1. Attend the informal hearing
    A Texas property tax specialist will prepare and attend all appraisal district hearings on your behalf.
  1. Formal Hearing / Appraisal Review Board Hearing
    The Texas property tax attorneys at the Tran Law Firm will work with our tax team to make sure that your appraisal district hearings have the maximum chances of success.
  2. Judicial Appeal
    It is important to have experience legal representation when appealing an unfair property valuation in state court.  The lawyers and appraisers for the county appraisal district will be experienced in handing these types of cases.  It is only logical and fair that property owners should hire attorneys who have equally good  or better trial experience and property valuation training when protesting their property taxes in court.  At the Texas property tax attorneys at the Tran Law Firm, have the litigation and trial skills necessary to succeed against the county.

What to Look for When Hiring a Texas Property Tax Consultant

There are many Texas tax protest companies but very few of them have the ability to represent property owners in state court.  If they have lawyers on their staff, ask about their experiences in trials and mediation.  The attorneys who represent the county are very experience in this area.  It takes experiences, skilled, aggressive trial lawyers to handle these Texas property tax lawsuits successfully.

The Tran Law Firm offers property tax appeals a variety of compensation structure that is most reasonable for each commercial property owner’s unique situation. The firm represents commercial property owners in all major tax appraisal Districts throughout Texas including small surrounding tax district and the following:  Harris County Tax Appraisal District (HACAD), Dallas Central Appraisal District (DCAD), Denton,  Collin, Rockwall, Bexar Appraisal District, Travis Central Appraisal District, and Galveston Appraisal District.