The “glass ceiling” for women has been a part of the business world ever since when began entering the work force. Today, it is still there. It is just that those who create glass ceilings have become even more adept at it; once again, the ceiling is insidiously invisible. However, statistics within given various industries give us an idea that while progress has been made, we still have a long way to go. Discrimination based on sex comes in many forms; failure/refusal to promote; unequal pay; disparate treatment in terms of socio-business relations (i.e., golf, power lunches, etc.), and using reductions in force (“RIF”) to get rid of female employees who get pregnant or seek to work part time in order to balance family obligations with those at work.  Sex discrimination can also happen to men; in that instance, it is called reversed sex discrimination.  Sex discrimination can be committed by female on female or male on male. The various scenarios are as varied as human nature.

Sex discrimination occurs when a man or a woman is refused employment, job position, advancement, or is subjected to regular unfair criticisms, write-ups or is otherwise mistreated because of his or her gender. Sex discrimination is a violation of your civil right. If you have been discriminated against by your employer because of your gender, then you have a claim for damages against your employer. In cases of gender discrimination or sex discrimination in Texas, you need to seek legal advice from top Texas sex discrimination attorneys. Gender or sex discrimination is more prevalent than you know. A lot of employees just choose not to report them because of fear of retaliation or harassment from their employers or co-workers who perpetrated these boorish acts. If you were not hired despite your superior employment record, offered a lower pay compared to your equals, have been consistently bypassed despite your excellent work quality, have consistently been given duties that are frowned upon by your co-employees or even denied training given to your contemporaries on account of your gender, then you are a victim of sex discrimination. As a victim of sex discrimination, you have a right to claim damages against your employer, to include lost wages, lost benefits and even compensation for your pain and suffering. If you are serious in filing a claim for sex discrimination against your employer, you need to be represented by the best Texas sex discrimination lawyers in order for you to get the maximum compensation you deserve.

Top Sexual Discrimination Lawyers in Texas

There are different types of discrimination in the workplace based on sex or gender. Aside from your gender, there is also another violation of civil rights in the workplace known as sexual orientation discrimination, which is prohibited under Texas law. As an employee, you should be provided the same opportunity for growth and measured by the same standard applicable to your position in the company on account of your performance and attitude towards work and not because of your sexual orientation. If you have been discriminated against because of your sexual orientation, then you need best sexual discrimination attorneys in Texas to protect you and fight for your rights against your oppressors in the work place. If you are being discriminated against or treated unfairly in the workplace and you are unsure of what to do, your best course of action is to seek legal advice from top sex discrimination lawyers in Texas right away. You may not know it, but aside from gender discrimination or sex discrimination, you may have already been a victim of sexual harassment in Texas or discriminated against because of your sexual orientation and, in these cases, you definitely need top sex discrimination attorneys in Texas to protect your rights and your livelihood.

Why Should I Hire a Sexual Harassment or Sex Discrimination Lawyers?

Tran Law Firm’s sexual  harassment and sex discrimination lawyers  have saved numerous jobs and have obtained large damages for victims of discrimination in Houston, Clear Lake, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio and other cities and counties in Texas. If you have been sexually discriminated against or sexually harassed in the workplace, our aggressive sex discrimination attorneys in Texas have the expertise and resources to help you claim the maximum compensation you deserve. In filing a sex discrimination case against your employer, you will be met with the different task of obtaining documentary evidence to show that you have been treated poorly just on the account of your sex or gender. Aside from this, you need statements from your co-workers to show your competence in your work and to prove overt and subtle acts of discrimination or sexual harassment against you to show that you have been singled out because of your sex or gender.  Proving a sex discrimination case is often difficult as most employers are not so obvious as to make statements or take actions evidencing “animus” based on sex, which would be direct evidence of a discriminatory intent. More often, a case must be proven with indirect or circumstantial evidence, and despite what the law says, often there must be a lot of such evidence to convince a jury when proving a case with such evidence. If you have been a victim of discrimination based on sex, do not hesitate to contact an attorney.  As you can see, these tasks are better left with our vigilant sexual discrimination law attorneys in Texas to make sure that you have a fighting chance against your employers who obviously have the resources to defend themselves and drag you to court to frustrate your just and legal claims.


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Tran Law Firm’s top sexual discrimination attorneys in Texas are respected in the legal community not just because of our excellent grasp of sex discrimination laws in Texas but also because of our excellent knowledge in providing our clients with alternative means of obtaining their valid compensations. Our excellent gender discrimination lawyers in Texas will fight for all your rights and provide you with all the legal remedies available to you under the law to successfully win your gender discrimination lawsuit, which includes your hiring or reinstatement, back pay, front pay, promotion, emotional distress, attorneys’ fees and even punitive damages. Our caring gender discrimination attorneys in Texas also understand the apprehension of every discrimination victim in the work place in hiring top sex discrimination lawyers to protect them because of high costs legal fees. This is why we decided to take on sex discrimination cases on a contingency basis and also offer a No Win No Fee guarantee to all our gender discrimination clients, to assure them of nothing less than the best legal service they deserve.