Federal Security Clearance Lawyer

Many government workers and employees of government contractors require security clearance in order to hold and do their jobs. If you are a security clearance holder in Houston or anywhere in Texas, you know that your job or the new promotion that you want is dependent upon a security clearance and the right level of security clearance.

We Protect the Rights of Security Clearance Holders

Have you have been notified that your clearance is being revoked?  Has your employer notified you that they are going to pull your security clearance? Have you been denied security clearance necessary for a promotion? Have you been denied security clearance needed for a new job?

You need to take action right away in order to preserve your rights. For example in DOHA proceedings, an individual that loses a security clearance hearing has only 15 days from the Hearing Office Judge’s decision to appeal to the Appeal Board.

The lawyers at the Tran Law Firm  represents workers in Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals (DOHA). If you  need help with DOHA hearings or appeal of DOHA  decisions in personnel security clearance cases, contact us today.  We serve all contractor personnel doing classified work for all Department of Defense (DoD) or any Federal Agencies and Departments. DoD civilian employees and military personnel that need assistance with security clearance cases should contact an employment lawyer with experience in these matters. Security Clearance cases require a combination of legal analysis, legal experience, and a fair amount of old fashion investigative work and advocacy.  Call the Federal Security Clearance Lawyers at the Tran Law Firm today.