The lawyers at the Tran Law Firm LLP represents Texas pharmacists in administrative hearings before the Board of Pharmacy.  Complaints filed against a  pharmacy or pharmacist with the Texas State Board of Pharmacy can result in a TSBP investigation.  The Texas Board of Pharmacy may reprimand, suspend, revoke, retire, or fine the license of a pharmacist or pharmacy that is found to have violated pharmacy or drug laws.  The TSBP lawyers at the Tran Law Firm LLP represents pharmacists and pharmacies to assure that they get a fair process and prevent the TSBP from taking action against a licensee.

Pharmacy License Defense

The pharmacy license defense lawyers at the Tran Law Firm LLP believe that the most effective ways to protect the a pharmacy enterprise is to prevent problems and liabilities before they occur. To that end, attorneys at the firm provide pharmacy clients advice on regulatory issues, including risk assessments, to avoid situations that might lead to government investigations and sanctions.

The Texas Pharmacy Board may discipline a pharmacist for:

  • Unprofessional Conduct
  • Engaging in Fraud or Deceit
  • Criminal Arrests, Charges or Convictions
  • Substance Abuse; Chemical Dependency; Alcoholism
  • Violation of a Pharmacy, Health & Safety Code or other Drug Related Statute;
  • Negligent Practice of Pharmacy.

The TSBP lawyers at the Tran Law Firm LLP can represent you in investigation by the Texas Pharmacy Board in the crucial initial state where they are deciding if there are grounds for discipline to justify the filing of formal charges against the pharmacist.  The firm also represents Texas pharmacists in the Informal Conference to resolve the matter informally.  If you are a pharmacist and are facing an administrative hearing before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) employed by the State Office of Administrative Hearing (SOAH), you have a right to be represented by an attorney throughout the disciplinary process.  If you are at risk of losing your pharmacy license, please contact us today by calling (713) 2223-8855.