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CLE Papers

  • March 3, 2011 -Harris County Democratic Lawyer’s Association “Voir Dire:  How to Master an Essential Trial Skill”  by Warren Taylor:  paper Warren Taylor Paper
  • June 16, 2011- Houston NELA  “Trial Tips for Plaintiff Employment Lwyers:  Strategies and Common Mistakes:  Preparation, Preparation” by Judge Mike Engelhart:  paper Judge Mike Engelhart
  • September 2012- Houston NELA “Leveraging Recent NLRB Developments for the Plaintiff’s Case”  by Patrick Flynn:  paper Patrick Flynn Paper
  • June 2013 -Houston NELA “Social Media in Employment Law”  by J. Alfred Southerland :  paper Social Media In Employment Law

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Important Court Rulings

  • US Supreme court ruling that an arbitrator did not exceeded his authority by rendering a clause construction of the parties’ arbitration agreement that permitted class arbitration, where the parties’ arbitration agreement was silent on its face as to the issue. Sutter Opinion