People Facing Discrimination Due to Diabetes Need Your Help



A parent is told that her 12-year-old student athlete cannot play on her school soccer team, go on field trips with her classmates or attend school dances if her parents aren’t available. A person experiencing an episode of hypoglycemia is arrested instead of receiving the care he needs. An employee is not allowed to take a break to test her blood glucose when necessary. These stories and others are why we volunteer with the American Diabetes Association (Association). Although everyone who has diabetes deserves fair treatment, sometimes discrimination happens. We need people like you to help us stop diabetes discrimination.

The Association is committed to ending discrimination and has developed the resources and support to do so. But we need your help. The Association receives over 200 calls each month (to 1-800-DIABETES) from people facing discrimination. Many of these individuals need the assistance of a lawyer. This is where you come in. Join the Association’s Advocacy Attorney Network and help us put an end to diabetes discrimination.

Andrew and I are members of the Advocacy Attorney Network.  We write letters, make phone calls, attend meetings, represent people in legal proceedings and more. As a member of the Advocacy Attorney Network, your level and type of participation is up to you. All potential matters come to you directly from an Association Legal Advocate, who remains available to assist you with the matter. You won’t find another organization as ready or committed to making a difference in the lives of people affected by diabetes. The Association’s Legal Advocacy staff provides expert guidance on legal issues affecting people with diabetes, and has access to the medical experts needed to win the case. When you join the Advocacy Attorney Network you gain access to a large network of colleagues across the country working on the same issues, facing the same challenges and ready to jump in and help.

We need more attorneys to join so that we can help as many people as possible. You don’t need experience with discrimination law to join us. Any attorney concerned about the legal rights of people who have diabetes is welcome. Please join us and make a difference! Join via this link. Or, if you would like further information before joining, click here or contact or 703-599-0657.


Thank You,

Trang and Andrew

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